Thursday, August 23, 2018

Guide to Buying an LNX Ping Pong Table

Are you interested in buying a ping pong table? Purchasing a ping pong table is not an easy decision. This is because there are a lot of choices to choose from. There exist different brands which have different qualities and different prices. You need to differentiate between a good table from a bad table. You also need to decide if you are interested in purchasing a cheap table or an expensive table. An expensive table has good quality and can last for a very long time, unlike a table which is cheap. Hopefully, this blog post will help you if you have a hard time choosing the right LNX ping pong table.

How to spot a good ping pong table
One of the best ways of identifying whether a ping pong table is of good quality is by the thickness of the table tennis top. Get to know this; the thicker the table, the better the quality, the thinner it gets, the worse the quality.  The thickness of the table ranges from 12mm to around 25mm.
The next time you are purchasing these tables, remember to avoid the thin table tops. (eg.12 mm). It is easy for the ball to damage the table. You will also find it difficult for the ball to bounce in such a table.
Medium thickness tables are okay. Such tables have a thickness or between 16mm to 19mm. A 19mm thickness table will give you a consistent bounce, unlike a 12mm thickness table. If you look after the medium sized ping pong table, it can last for many years.
Good ping pong tables are tables which have a thickness of around 22 mm to 25 mm. You need to know that these are the most expensive tables. The thicker, the table the more expensive it becomes. If you are a beginner at table tennis, it can be quite hard for you to notice the difference between a 22mm thickness table and a 25mm thickness table. The quality of a 22 mm table is good, but the best quality of a ping pong table is the 25mm thickness table.

Ping pong tables for home purposes
There are like two reasons why people purchase ping pong tables for their home these are:
 - For family fun
 - For serious practice

Family Fun
If your main reason for purchasing a ping pong table is for family fun, then you need not purchase an expensive table. If you are just playing for fun, it will be hard for you to tell the difference between a 16mm thickness table from a 25mm thickness tale. If you are on a budget, then make sure you go for the cheaper option. Note this, “Cheaper” not “cheapest”. Remember to avoid cheap tables which have a thickness of around 12mm. It is better to purchase a 16mm or 19mm table because such tables are more durable and better to play on unlike the 12mm thin tables which are flimsy. Some of the problems with a thin table are that the ball does not bounce very well.

Serious Practice
If you want a table for serious practice at home, then make sure you purchase a table that is of good quality. Make sure you have put your budget into consideration. Purchase the best quality of table you can afford. The table you need to purchase for serious practice needs to have a thickness of 19

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